Welcome to SkyFort! Our team is incredably excited to have you on the platform. In this article, we will detail the steps neccessary to sign up and install the beta on your device.

Note: Currently, the SkyFort app is only available for iOS. MacOS will be launching very soon. Android and Windows versions are in the works.

Step One

Create a SkyFort account by visiting SkyFort.io. Once you complete sign up, you will arrive at your SkyFort dashboard. You can make changes to your account and invite up to 5 additional users to join your account and be protected by your SkyFort Cloud.

From here you can change your name, email, password, and billing settings. You can also add additional users to your account by entering their email under the "Users" tab. They will get a personlized invite to join your account, and will take up an additional user slot on your account. The beta is currently free, but we collect your payment information for security purposes. You will never be charged for the beta.

Step Two

Visit this link to access the TestFlight link in order to download SkyFort on your iOS or iPadOS device. First download TestFlight if you haven't already, then return to the linked page to get access to the SkyFort app. The link is at the top of the page.

TestFlight is a beta distribution app made by Apple for the purposes of distributing apps which are still in testing. Inside this app, you can submit feedback, report any crashes or issues, and easily update to the latest version.

Step Three

Sign into the app with your SkyFort login that you made in step one. From there, simply enable SkyFort by touching the round "On" button in the center of the screen. Your iPhone will prompt you to allow the install of a VPN profile. Press accept, and then enter your device's password to authorize the SkyFort VPN profile. You will then be returned to the app.

..and that's it!

What to expect

You are now protected by your own dedicated security cloud. You should notice no interputions or speed changes to your internet usage. If SkyFort detects a suspicious link, currently the link will either refuse to load, or load to a white screen. Soon, SkyFort will provide a notification letting you know it has blocked a suspicious link.

You will also notice significantly less ads and tracking, faster page loading times, and a longer battery life. This is because SkyFort is working in the background to protect your device from loading all the hidden things that load with apps and websites, like tracking links and analytics. SkyFort also learns what sites you visit often, and caches them on your SkyFort Cloud so you'll be able to access them much faster.

If you are reading this, you are among the first in the world to use SkyFort. Your feedback couldn't be more important, so feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts! You can email [email protected] or use the red chat box in the lower right corner.

All the best,

The SkyFort Team

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